Friday, September 25, 2009


So this was the year. Both my girls are in school. My oldest, Special K, is 6 and started grade 1 and my youngest, M & M, is 4 and started JK. So at least 2 days a week I have no kids at home. None. At. All. Can you smell it? That's the sweet smell of freedom. OK, I will admit it....I miss them when they are gone but just the thought of some time to myself again to do whatever I want is just too appealing (translation: clean the kitchen, the bathroom, do the laundry, vaccum, make dinner....oh and maybe find time to go to the bathroom by myself without having someone scream my name at the top of their lungs the minute I sit my ass down on the toilet). I was actually relishing the thought.


Since school has started way back on September 8th, my oldest daughter has had 4 sick days. Three of them this week. ( yes, that means I am very tired and kinda ready to pull my hair out. She is not the best patient but then again she is 6) And my youngest daughter has only gone to school three days so far because of some brilliant educators idea of gradual entry. What the heck is with that? They figure it's easier to drag it out over weeks. Wrong. It's torture. Every day waking up to hear you child say, "Is today the day I go to school? When am I going to start?" Heck, I want to know the same thing?


Everyone said oh wait till you have both your girls in school you will have so much time to yourself. Well, so far that hasn't come true. I think in total I have had TWO days, that's right, TWO days.....COUNT EM! Two days without kids. OK, don't get me wrong those were two great days. The first day I got my hair cut, and then my husband and I went out to lunch. The first time in years that we have gone without kids. Just to show you that we rarely go out without the kids, when we got to the Suishi restaurant the hostess said..."Where are your girls today?" That says it all I think!


I say LIAR. There hasn't been all those days of freedom. OK, I know they are coming but I am inpatient. I think I have waited long enought. All I can say is thank goodness for a long school year.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


...because I don't already have enough to do in my life, I will also be writing for another blog/website. You can find me at Bookie  I will be posting at least once a week about family and how to find more time for family time while also trying to find overall balance in my life....and everyone's life really.

I still struggle with balancing everything every day. I want to be better at it, I want to find time for myself, and my family but it is work. Hopefully writing the blog will help me find answers to my own questions, to find answers in the journey with all of you, and I hope together we can find a smoother path to health, happiness and joy.

I look forward to writing more, to hearing what everyone else has to say, and learning about myself and others.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It is so true what they say: Kids do say the funniest things. So today I decided to go for a walk with my youngest daughter since her big sister was off at school. We hit the road and walked down to the lake only a short jaunt from your house. There is a great path that everyone uses to run, walk and bike. It's a great walk with lots of great scenery. My daughter asked if we could go to the beach at the end of the walk. Heck why not, I thought, so we hit the sand. She played around for a little while, loving the fact the entire beach was deserted and was all hers. She ended up covered in sand so we headed home so she could plop herself in a bath.

When we get home we headed for the bath. She got in the water but still had her hair in ponytails. She then asks me to pull out the ponies while she is sitting in the tub.  She says "Ouch! That hurts" and then to my surprise she says "ASS. PENIS!"  I was stunned. She is only 4 years old. I could not believe my ears and the minute she said it she knew it was a bad thing. I said, "EXCUSE ME?" Dear Daughter said, " Sorry Mommy but it really hurts." I then explained to her that wasn't proper language and that she shouldn't use those words again but secretly I thought she had a point. Heck it really hurt.


Monday, September 7, 2009


As I sit here tonight both my little girls are in their beds dreaming of  a the start of a new school year in the morning. It is a big year for me this year because both my girls are going off to school. Special K is starting grade 1 and my little M is starting J.K.! 

Wow how time flies! I remember the night before my baby went off to school. It was such an exciting time. And tonight is just as exciting.

For the first time in 6 years I will have free time during the day. I am still not sure what I will do. I am hoping to get the house organized. It is amazing how messing and cluttered a house can get with two kids living in it. We have accumulated a whole lot of toys that I hoping to get ride of when the kids are away. Out of sight, out of mind. I am also hoping to get some painting/decorating inside the house. I have to finish the girls room. It would be fun to finish the girls room with paint and decals while they are at school and surprise them with it. I really have to get some cleaning done too! It seems there isn't enough time during the summer to get it all done.

This is a big year for us. I am hoping to use the free time I get to move forward, to improve myself in some way, improve my house and work toward a better, more fulfilling life. Is it too much to ask in a year?

Friday, September 4, 2009


So we decided to go to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. It is a family tradition. I think we have been going every summer since I was very small and now I am passing on the tradition to my girls.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here is my contribution for Wordless  Wednesday

Back to School: Fear or Excitement

So the countdown is on. This time next week I will be down one kid. School starts and my oldest is off to grade 1. All day, every day school. It is going to be strange indeed. I am excited to have some quiet time, some time to go to the bathroom by myself and not hear kids scrapping in the T.V. room and scream "Mom, where are you?" Mom, I'm hungry!" Mom, where are you? MommmmmmmmYYYYYYYYY? (see that's where the excitement part of this post comes in)

Like just now. The kids are lying all over the place like their bones are suddenly made of elastics and of course they can't walk, calling me. "Mommmmeeeeeeeeee, we're hungry. Did we have breakfast be I think I am hungry for lunch" to which I respond, "Yes you had breakfast. It's only 10:30 it's not time for lunch" to which they respond "BUT MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" OK now I am just ignoring them. It won't last long but I should be able to pretend they're not there long enough to finish this post.

I digress!

Anyway, and soon enough I will have two kids off to school. My youngest starts Junior Kindergarten this year BUT we have graduated entry here. All that means is it takes about a month for them to actually start school. We make so many short visits it gets irritating, for me and the kid. I remember when my oldest started Kindergarten and every time we went to the school for one of our short visits she would as ask " Am I staying today? When am I really starting school" Exactly what I was saying to my self, trying to hide my frustrating and need to just leave her there.
But here's where the fear enters the equation. After weeks of summer vacation, I once again have to pull myself out of bed way too early in the morning and shuffle two kids off to school. Mornings are not my strong suit.  I don't get home from work until 1 a.m. and that means after doing a bit of cleaning and packing lunches bedtime comes about 2:30 in the morning. Last year I slept in almost every day and practically flew out the door to get my oldest off to school. Let's just say mornings were more than stressful and we got friendly with the ladies in the school office. The late sign in sheet is in the office and we were regulars.

Well, this year we are promising to get a better grade. OK, it's just me.

I read more about my back to school worries, concerns, tips and expectations check out my articles at and